Awareness in Motion Shannon Kunstman Physical Therapy

Welcome to Awareness in Motion

If you are looking for an integrated, personalized, and embodied approach to your health and well-being, I am happy you have found Awareness in Motion.

Well-being, ease, stability, and vitality are all within us. Yet, our bodies often feel stressed by the challenges of life. Injuries, surgeries, trauma, and dis-ease can leave our bodies feeling confused and painful. Familial, cultural and societal stories can leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected. Our time on this earth is beautiful and sacred … and challenging. In the course of being human, we can easily lose the connection to our inner guidance, our well-being, ourselves, others and our world. Under the pain and confusion, we know how to connect, heal, find our way home, and forward. We find our way by listening to and landing in our very own body, breath and heartbeat.


Life and health are multi-dimensional, dynamic, intertwined processes.  We co-create health and well-being when we learn to deeply listen and attend to what is desiring to be held, healed and transformed in our body, mind and spirit, both personally and collectively.

Awareness in Motion is a compilation of 30 years of traditional and wholistic physical therapy training, research and experience, and a wide range of mind-body-spirit studies and practices. Through bodymind therapies, you will experience novel and safe input, and explore new ways of being in your body. Contemplative conversation will weave together your inner and outer experience of life into a sacred tapestry that makes sense for you. This combination of practices supports the emergence of new movement patterns, insights and ways of being that support your well-being.


  • Holding Space: Together, we will create a safe space for you to experience your mind, body and spirit in a way that feels supportive and makes sense to you.
  • Integrative Bodywork: Informed, safe and conscious touch supports your mind-body-spirit to shift from tension into relaxation stiffness into ease, confusion into clarity and pain into possibility.
  • Embodied Awareness Practices: Awareness practices allow you to see and feel how you move in your daily life and provide the spaciousness to see and experience new ways of being and moving in your life.
  • Wholistic Movement Therapy: Adding awareness practices to movement, such as exercise, yoga or daily activities, will help you shift from movement patterns that limit and constrict you, and to discover new movement patterns that support and enliven your well-being.
  • Spiritual Direction: Together, we hold space for your sacred story. We listen and hold what needs to be heard, held and healed and what is coming alive within you.
  • Health and Wellness Guidance: Together, we will develop a wellness plan that supports and empowers you in your health journey. It will be grounded in knowledge, science and your personal experience, values and wisdom.


As we fully land in our bodies and lives, we discover a much deeper well of being.

From this space within, we experience our grounding, resilience, vitality, and wisdom.

From this space within, we take the next step to co-create our inner and outer health, which in turn, informs and transforms our collective health.

From this space within, we realize our authentic self, meaning, belonging and interconnection.

There is an aliveness and a goodness within that desires to be known.

We can learn to recognize it, feel it, and embody it. When we know it within ourselves, we also start to also see it in everyone and everything.

It is time for a new way of being. It is time for Wholeness Embodied.

Shannon has been my “go-to” practitioner now for 6 years. Warmth, kindness & genuine care are at the core of her practice. She is highly tuned in to both my emotional & physical states and holds them both tenderly. Shannon listens deeply. She taps in to her intuition and her exceptional clinical skills to use the approach that best fits my needs in the moment. Shannon practices healing the way it should be – focusing on the whole person, not just a body part.
— Kathy G.